Wheel of the Year


We are halfway through Spring and the moment of fertilizing the New Reality is upon us – Beltaine! In times of old these were the rites that were used to actually fertilize the fields.  These were folks who lived by an agricultural cycle, so their rites started more or less at Sunset on April 30thand continued until …

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Imbolc: A Year with the The Divine Feminine

            Imbolc takes place this coming weekend, February 1st– 2nd.  The rites of this Sabbat have numerous traditions.  The date has also traveled across time and space acquiring many names. At its heart this Sabbat is all about the mid-point of Winter and the promise Spring.  Normally I write these blogs from a very academic point of view, blame my …

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            It is August and time to celebrate the First Harvest.  Depending on where you are, geographically speaking, there has already been a lot of Harvest going on.  One of the early crops to come in is berries.  Hopefully you’ve enjoyed a LOT of berries.  Now it’s time for the other riches of the Earth …

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Summer has arrived and all those passions of the Spring have led to new realities all over the place.  Your goals for the year are beginning to take shape and you can see what will soon be your new reality.  Are you committed to that new reality?  The theme of darkness comes up again.  What …

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February 2nd, Saturday this year, is Imbolc. We are half way through Winter. The Holiday Season is so full of busyness, and so hectic and loud, that the quiet time that follows in January is usually a bit of a blessing. Now the Sun in its journey is beginning to shine more of its light …

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As the Sun rises on Friday, the 21st, Winter begins, Yule, the Winter Solstice.  In the Wiccan world this marks the beginning of a new year, a whole new reality starts as that Sun rises.  Forget the secular calendar for few minutes and go back to another time when reality was controlled not by industry …

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