I Believe in Fairies

I believe in Fairies!  When I was a little girl my father showed his two princesses, my sister and me, where the fairies danced in the yard.  I have never doubted their existence since then.  I came to know that fairies are NOT always the gentle little Tinkerbell creatures that we were sold by Disney, they can be, well, just like humans, all sorts of temperaments.  One of my all time favorite quotes about the various natures of fairies is from a role playing game, “It was all fun and games until someone got their eye cut out, then it was hysterical.”

I have known fairies to do all sorts of things.  After one extremely memorable Beltaine we spent a month picking up the bright and shiny things that the fairies scattered all around our outdoor sacred space.  And if you happen to forget to leave a plate/offering out for the fairies during a Sabbat, particularly Beltaine, Litha, and Samhain, then woe to you.  They will seriously mess with your life and hide things until you correct this oversight.  I speak from experience.

Here at 4Winds I do have a Fairy Garden that I try to keep up with.  Just last weekend my great niece and I did some serious cleaning and upgrading of the sorts of things fairies like, shiny and bright.  It looks really good.   I basically forgot all about the upgrade until I came home yesterday from a short outing.  Lying on my inside doormat was a perfect bean in the shell.  I was mystified as to how it could possibly have gotten there when no one else was here, and I certainly didn’t bring it inside.  I contacted some friends who might have ideas and one jumped on it immediately – FAIRIES.  Of course, a thank you for the upgrade.  The magick of beans is huge; luck, love, prosperity, protection, a long list.  Another friend identified the bean as soy, but added, a bean is a bean is a bean, so the list of good things holds true for all of them.

So, the fairies said thank you in the only way they can, by leaving magick at my door.  Oh yes, I believe in fairies, and I will not forget again to leave them an offering.

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