A Magickal Place of Information that is safe for all who travel a Spiritual Path

Here it is!

It's out there! Ready to be enjoyed.

I started this journey over four decades ago. It was still a time of “keeping silent” for fear of reprisals. Now things have changed and many paths have found a home on the Internet, and they are sharing their vast stores of wisdom. As we face uncertain times, I am more and more convinced that we MUST stick together so that we can stay “out of the broom closet”. This site is my statement of Faith that Magick is here to stay.

Magick is all around us all the time, and I want everyone to be able to access it. I am also always questing for new levels of my own growth. So, join me and let’s keep the World safe for Magick.

“The Goddess is alive, and Magick is afoot.”

Wheel of the Year

Holiday Seasons

Seasons come and seasons go.
We are used to thinking of the seasons in terms of the astronomical seasons;
Winter, Spring, Summer, Autumn. This year I am going to think in terms of the
holiday seasons. The holidays are wrapped into the seasons afterall.

The Yuletide Season