My journey started at age 15, but I spooked myself and didn’t pick up the Wand again until I was in my mid-20s. I explored many Faiths and Magickal/Mystery traditions, but ultimately Wicca was the path for me.

I took my First Degree in 1983 after doing my year and a day as a Dedicant. I earned a double Bachelor’s Degree in History and Anthropology during that time. I worked with a ceremonial group for the next 10 years, but I was the Witch in the group. During that time I also earned a Master’s Degree in History and a Master’s Degree in Geography.

I took my Second Degree in 1991, then went away to get a Ph.D. in Geography at Texas A&M. While working on my doctorate, I started a Coven in 1996 and acted as High Priestess of it from 1996 to 1999.

My Third Degree came in 1999, along with a Ph.D. My High Priest and I Handfasted and moved again. We ran another Coven in the new location. We ran that Coven for the next 4 years, then we moved again and I once again became the High Priestess of a Coven. My Elder rites were awarded in 2006. During all that time I studied under a Native Indian Shaman.

Currently I’m just happy to be a Crone and working as a Solitaire, and writing. My Magickal career and my academic career have run parallel since the beginning. I have taught in both college settings and magickal settings. I proudly to use the word WITCH to describe myself.

If you ask me which field of Witchcraft I follow, that’s a tough one, but it is mostly a combination of Gardnerian, Faery Wicca, and has heavy doses of shamanism in it, all that cross-training.

My fields of specialty include Spell Casting, Prophecy (not Divination), Dream Interpretation, Herbalism in terms of the way to use them in Spell Casting, Moving Energy, Tarot, Astrology, and leading meditations in several ways; yogic, shamanistic (I’m a heck of a drummer), and Faery Wicca. I have some skill in other areas, but the above are probably my specialties, y’all know, the basic Witch’s cookbook of stuff.

This website is my contribution to the world of Magick and the Craft because I still want what I have always wanted, a World that is safe for Faiths of all kinds, and a safe haven for those who walk the path of seeker.

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