Mercury Retrograde!

Mercury has gone retrograde! Every December Mercury goes retrograde. Here we are, rushing around, spending money, desperately trying to get everything together so everyone can have a wonderful holiday, and every December we are cautioned about what NOT to do because Mercury is retrograde. There seems to be a disconnect on this one. The very things we think we MUST do are the things we shouldn’t be doing, because travel, communication, and a whole lot of money being spent on electronics (one of the big gifts always bought) are all deeply affected by Mercury. Oh, to complicate matters even more this year, Mercury is in Sagittarius right now, and the retrograde journey will take place completely in that sign, sociable Sagittarius. It should be a great time of year to spend a lot of time with friends and family. How wonderful to do that when the Sun is in Sagittarius. Yet, now Mercury is retrograde in Sagittarius, so the very connections we want to make might just go pear-shaped very quickly. Doesn’t seem like a good holiday season stacking up, does it?

I spent a lot time thinking about this conundrum, and I remembered something. Many years ago, a friend was hosting a Yule celebration is classic Nordic style. One of the rules was that on the night of the Yule vigil all that work you think is so important was put away, not to be taken out again until after the true 12 Days of the season had passed. Of course, daily routine work is always necessary, but the idea was that for the next twelve days you did not engage in all that other stuff you think you MUST do. During that period you actually slowed down, got ready for Winter, and took some time to just breath and truly enjoy all those friends and family. It was also a time to meditate and ponder on the quiet of Winter, and the start of a new yearly cycle. Today’s heavily commercial world has kept us from that moment of spending the holiday season, whatever way you celebrate it, in quiet contemplation. Living up to all the expectations of the holidays is exhausting and frustrating, and the beginning of a not-so-merry holiday. On top of all that, Mercury retrograde is exactly the time for a little quiet and not so much activity.

So, I got to thinking that maybe, just maybe, that is Mercury’s great gift of the Holidays, a little quiet. Avoid all the things that you shouldn’t be doing anyway, and just enjoy the coming of Winter, and the beginning of a new reality.

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