Mercury Retrograde

Mercury went retrograde on the 12th, Saturday night. I can’t tell you anything new about retrograde planetary activity, especially that little rascal Mercury. Don’t sign contracts, don’t buy ANYTHING involving communication or transportation. Expect the unexpected in travel and conversation. You know the whole list.

What I can do is add that a retrograde of any type usually focuses most of its energy into the signs through which it travels during its retrograde, just as the planet does when it is moving in a direct motion. It is way too tempting to turn a retrograde into a negative thing, but it isn’t that. You can use this type of energy to your favor, just by using it correctly.

Mercury went retrograde while it was in Virgo, so guess what, the details absolutely matter for the next few weeks. This is the time for really paying attention to what you say, to how you plan your road trips, to how you want to spend your money, and on what. Remember, Mercury also has a major influence on budgets, so now is the time to really assess your budget. Do not go on a spending spree, but think about how best to streamline your expenses. Details!

Mercury will go into Leo on the 31st, still in retrograde. Fire signs are about action, but don’t take any action on those details you’ve been refining for a few more days. Mercury doesn’t go direct until September 5th. You can, however, get fired up (pun intended) for action after the 5th.

By using retrograde energy in a positive way, you can make it work for you. During the next three weeks, the details matter, so plan wisely and make a lot of lists, lots and lots of lists!

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