Meteor Drawing Down

Hurtling across the Night Sky, burning brightly, then gone, a Shooting Star, a Meteor. If you have ever made a wish on a falling star, then you have drawn down Meteor energy. Brief and intense, this energy is best used for short term changes of focus, lighting up a new pathway of interest, or just applying a little celebratory energy to your life. Like the Meteor itself, this energy burns brightly, and then is quickly gone. Do not depend on it for permanent changes.

A whole shower can be used in the same way, just with a very intensified quality. If you decide to draw down energy from a Meteor Shower, do not go in with a shopping list of changes you want to affect. Better to take all of your immediate wants and encapsulate them with a one or two word focus, then apply the energy for an overall effect.

And move fast, take advantage of the energy burst while it is still there. Like the Meteor, it will soon be gone.

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