Solar Eclipse!

North America is in for a unique show on August 21, 2017. The Sun will be hiding its face behind the Moon during the mid-part of the day. This event will dominate the afternoon. Here in the Central Time Zone (CT) it starts around High Noon and continues throughout the afternoon. The Sun will be riding the last day of its journey through Leo because it doesn’t enter Virgo until 5:20 PM (CT) on the 22nd. The Moon will be Void of Course, moving from Leo into Virgo. Consequently, this magick is all about the Sun’s movements as it hides behind the Moon for a few hours. Guess even the Sun needs a bit of a break every now and then.

The Sun in astrology is all about your external self, how you present yourself to the World. The Moon is your subconscious. The question becomes, what does it mean when the conscious persona hides behind the subconscious? There could be lots of answers to that question, depending on who is doing the asking. The power of the moment is not to be missed, however. Now is the time to let everyone see who you are at your core, not the external person you usually present to the World. Take a note from Leo and Virgo, which are the signs dominating this event. Stop roaring so much, and simply allow the small things to take over your presence. Your Sun sign needs to hide a bit and you need to let your Moon sign dominate for a few hours. Do it with a group, or by yourself, but do it.

Lunar eclipses happen quite a lot, and we see them if they are happening in our part of the World. However, a Solar Eclipse that is visible to all of us during the daytime is rather rare. So, take advantage of the power of this moment, and take care of your eyes, and see the Magick of the Sun and Moon as they work together.

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