We are at the midpoint of Summer and the Sun has moved from Cancer into Leo. Time for the sweet romantic part of Summer to come to a close. Let’s start a Fire and Roar! The royal Lion is known for his/her roar. However, that roar can mean many things: announcing their presence at the party; a hurt ego; passion for life; not getting the attention they want, or deserve; accepting life with both arms open wide. Yep, that roar can mean many things, but it always means there is a Leo in the room.

It is easy to read about Leos and focus on the ego aspect and their chronic need for attention. There is so much more going on in that one, though. The Lion/Lioness is all about their heart, and that gets overlooked. They are the soul of generosity, if you pay them the proper respect for what they do. Think of their ruling planet, the Sun. The Sun sheds its life giving force onto this place with no expectation of anything in return. Leos at their finest are like that, true rulers who do what they do for all those around them and really don’t want much in return other than the occasional pat on the head. A female Lion once said that to me, and I’ve noticed it has always held true.

And that ego thing, all the signs have a dual aspect. Leos are the brave King/Queen of Beasts, but inside every Leo is a cowardly lion who needs constant external reinforcement. The negative roars arise when they are not getting any reinforcement, and the reinforcement they most need is simply love. Remember that heart thing. Leos just want to know that they are loved. Give them that and they will shine their royal generosity all over the place.

During the Sun in Leo is the time to find your own roar. Grab a Leo in your life and ask them to teach you how to roar. Roar in Love, Roar in Pain, Roar for the sheer Joy of all the Life around you. No one can assist you better in finding your own roar than a Leo. Just remember to pat them on the head, give them a warm hug, and invite them to EVERY, SINGLE, PARTY!


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