The Full Moon and a Comet

Tonight the Moon is giving us a treat. It is not only Full, but there will be a penumbral eclipse as well. Oh, and while that is going on, there is comet zooming by us. This Full Moon is in Leo, so get ready for some royal demands to be made, either from you or to you. If you are ready to take a leadership role, then this is the Full Moon that can assist you. There is a catch, however, that eclipse. Eclipses can cause slightly different responses to the magick you ask for. This eclipse is penumbral, which means that the Moon is passing through just the outskirts of the Earth’s shadow. If you did not know that the eclipse was happening, you might miss it entirely. It is happening, though, so be aware that any spell you cast will have a shadowy expression as it works forth. Leos are usually very open about their power, but this Full Moon will have some hidden agendas. It’s a good time for you to look inside yourself for any hidden agendas you have, or are working in your life.

A word about the Comet, it will not be visible to the naked eye, but that does not mean it can’t be used for magick.             Comets are the gypsies of the Cosmos. They come from far away, hang in our reality for a while, then travel on to someplace else. Their energy can be used to invoke change in your life, but this type of change usually involves travel, either yourself, or someone else who is traveling through your life. That someone can have a profound effect on you, even if you do not catch their name. Use cometary energy if you are looking to change directions, travel to new places, move in new directions. But be aware, the changes that comets bring are permanent. If you have any Death energy already in you, a Cometary Drawing Down can attach to that and a have a devastating affect. After all, death is the ultimate journey. It you intend to use the energy of the comet, got into the rite prepared, clear, and ready for whatever changes it brings into your life.

These three Cosmic events can be tied together. Use them to start a journey within yourself to discover what is holding you back from the journey you wish to make this year, and then let the light of Leo, whose ruler is the Sun, reveal your secrets to yourself so you can achieve your heart’s desire.

Or, just go out and watch the power as it floats in the sky. Enjoy!

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