Foundational Lessons

Sojourns lead to so many revelations, and my most recent took me back in time so I could remember some foundation stones of being a Witch.  There are two basic oaths that the beginning Witchling makes:  they cannot lie; they cannot bargain for magickal items.  Those two oaths are taken along with the First Degree, and woe be to you if you try to weasel around them.  Your Oversoul will stop you dead in your tracks and force you to deal with the breaking of an oath.

I taught Introductory Geography for a long time, and I always said that I didn’t mind teaching that level because one should never forget the foundation upon which the field was built.  The same applies here.  I’ve been a Witch for so long that I don’t even think about these two oaths.  They are just part of how I approach life.  Doesn’t mean I’m perfect, I’ve just dealt with the consequences of not living up to them.  So, here’s what they really mean.

A Witch cannot lie!  You can obfuscate, wiggle around, and selectively give your answers, but IF YOU ARE ASKED A DIRECT QUESTION, YOU MUST ANSWER HONESTLY.  Believe me, if you do not, you will pay for the lie.

A Witch cannot bargain for magickal items.  It is okay to shop, but ONCE THE ITEM IS FOUND, YOU CANNOT BARGAIN FOR A BETTER PRICE.  If it is truly the item that is needed, then price is not an issue, or shouldn’t be.  I have been amazed at how the money appears if it is truly what I need for my magick.  Often the item was gifted to me.

Remembering these Foundational Lessons has led me to some intense revelations about my own life lately.  Yep, no matter how far we stray, or how mature we think we are, never forget the foundation upon which you stand.

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