Wheel of the Year Workshop


A Wheel of the Year spell is a spell that is performed throughout the course of an entire year that harnesses the energies of all eight Sabbats.

This workshop will guide you through two proven Wheel of the Year spells and assist you with creating your own.

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A two-day virtual workshop on spell casting!  This long-time Witch is going to perform two proven spells in a step-by-step workshop.  The spells are coming from her little book A Witch’s Spellbook: Wheel of the Year Spells.

The workshop will take place on the weekend of October 2nd – 3rd.  The cost is $120.00.  Once you register you will receive a free pdf of A Witch’s Spellbook: Wheel of the Year Spells, PLUS, through snail mail, the items required to cast the spells.  Registration ends September 12th so I can get your spell kit mailed to you in time for the workshop.


Saturday starting at 1pm CST and lasting until approx. 8pm CST: 

  • Introduction
  • What is a spell?
  • How to cast a spell?
  • Discussion of the kits and materials
  • Casting the first Spell
  • Grounding of energy


Sunday starting at 1pm CST and lasting until approx. 5pm CST:

  • Recap from first day
  • Cast the second Spell
  • Grounding of energy
  • Questions and Discussions


There will be included break times and lots of time for questions throughout each day. 

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