Spell Casting and Psychology

Here of late we’ve had a running joke about how different types of magick users respond to stress. Those practicing in the ceremonial ways immediately start casting a Lesser Banishing Ritual. The more shamanistic types look around and ask, “Which way is the wind blowing? Seriously, which way is the wind blowing?” And witches, well, we run immediately to the herb cabinet. Seemed like a joke at first. Then a witchy friend of mine, male by the way, pointed out that I had some herbs on my Altar. I looked, and there they were, not one, not two, but three bags of herbs, three different spells that I was working through. Not so much of a joke after all.

Yep, I am a Witch! And I cast spells! After three decades of casting spells, I no longer practice, I am really, really good at that spell casting thing. My spells usually work out, too. Not always as I thought they would, but they do work. Why do they work? Magickally, I follow the energy of what I want to change in my world, look for the best advantage, pick my herbs, candles, cloths, colors, and the best day and hour.  Then I combine all those energies to make changes in my reality.

Recently, however, as I was preparing another spell, I came to a realization. There is a psychological aspect, too. As I handled the herbs, making choices, I realized that I was already feeling more positive about what was about to happen, stronger and less fearful. My confidence about the situation rose as I handled each powerful herb and put the spell together in my mind and soul. So, as I cast the spell at the most propitious day and hour, using the proper herbs, candles, cloths, and colors I knew I would prevail, if for no other reason than I had more confidence and less fear.

Life is a journey through which we can always learn something new, and this Crone just added another layer to her understanding of spell casting.

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