Imbolc: A Year with the The Divine Feminine

            Imbolc takes place this coming weekend, February 1st– 2nd.  The rites of this Sabbat have numerous traditions.  The date has also traveled across time and space acquiring many names. At its heart this Sabbat is all about the mid-point of Winter and the promise Spring.  Normally I write these blogs from a very academic point of view, blame my academic history, but this year I am led to take another route. This blog will be about my personal journey with the Divine Feminine over the course of the past year.

            I knew I wanted to write about the Divine Feminine for my Imbolc article ever since Yule.  I thought it would be an easy thing to write.  I was wrong.  I have struggled with this article in ways I usually do not.  I realized that my knowledge of the Divine Feminine was ineffable. My connection to this energy started at the moment of birth.  The first thing I heard my mother say when I popped out of the womb was, “I wanted a girl.” Never had any doubts about my power. All these years I took the feminist role.  I took jobs that usually only men held; I filed a discrimination lawsuit and won; finally I got a doctorate in a male dominated academic field.  Then I stood in covens as a High Priestess.  My connection with the Divine Feminine is cellular.  That made my ability to verbalize that connection difficult to do.  Yes, I could just rewrite what everyone else is saying these days, but that seemed so, lazy.  Then I realized that over the past year I have seen the Divine Feminine rising all around me in women who were facing deep challenges, and meeting those challenges with courage.  They also supported each other so completely.

            This past year I watched two very dear friends battle cancer, and win. Another friend is now facing divorce and single motherhood.  One friend has dealt with tremendous financial challenges after her divorce.  She found inside herself talents and skills that she had never fully pursued before and is now entering a period of success.  Two of those women have taken on the care of elderly parents.  Another two gave birth to babies who teetered on the edge of life for a while.  Both babies are now thriving.  The list of these women is very long.  I am not talking about some far away strangers, but women around me who have walked through fire to achieve success.  The men in their lives have been supportive in some cases, absent in others, or the cause of the initial distress in a few. So, these women turned to each other for support and courage.  With that assistance they beat the odds and are now moving into new phases of success. If these are not examples of the Divine Feminine, then I do not know what is.           

 I have had my own challenges this past year, but I, too, turned to the support and courage of the incredible women around me.  I am so deeply grateful that they are part of my life.  So, while the men are off doing their things, having their own adventures, I’ll stay here in my forest at 4Winds.  I’ll keep the home fires burning so that everyone has a light to follow out of the darkness, the light of the Divine Feminine.

***If anyone knows the artist of this drawing, please let me know.  I want to give them full credit.

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