Oh, the Places You’ll Go

Oh, the Places You’ll Go

Dr. Seuss

     As a toddler I had a favorite book, Kittens with Mittens.  My mother read it to me so many times that I had it memorized.  By the age of 4, thanks to that book and my mother, I had learned, or remembered, how to read.  I became a voracious reader.  And oh, the places I’ve been!  I had so many adventures inside my imagination.  Then as an adult I began to have real life adventures and travels.  And all those magnificent adventures began as a dream found on the pages of a book.

            Reading has provided me with comfort, joy, emotional outlet, safety, and escape for the bulk of my life.  So, this past year, when I started to have issues with my vision and couldn’t even read, things got dark, very dark in my life.  I am beyond blessed that the issue with my vision was fixable.  Now I can read again, and believe me, I’m enjoying every word.

            I am recounting this story because now that I am retired, I am doing what al retired college professors do, writing.  I’ve finished two books, and a third is well underway.  The fourth book is queued up, and with a friend I’m working on an extended outline for a television show.  Another great blessing occurred when Llewellyn Worldwide Publishing picked up one of my books to be published, most likely hitting the stores late this year or early 2023.

            My vision is clear now and I can see the future once again.  I am very excited about the places I have yet to go.  All because of the wonderful adventures I have found on the pages of a book.

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