2020 is Half Over!

Today, Saturday June 20th, the Sun moves into Cancer.  Tomorrow the New Moon will be in Cancer and there is a Solar Eclipse. There are currently SIX, yep six, planets retrograde and on Tuesday the 23rdthey will be joined by Neptune. Added to all that activity, here in the Northern Hemisphere today is the beginning of Summer, the Summer Solstice, Litha.  The Summer Solstice is when the Sun reaches its zenith in the sky.  Today the Earth and the Sun come together as the King and Queen of reality.  No longer playing at being rulers, they are the rulers.  It is at the Summer Solstice that they must truly commit to creating a whole New Reality.  Ostara is the time of committing to oneself.  Beltaine is when the Earth and Sun come together sexually.  Some traditions celebrate the marriage of the God and Goddess at Beltaine, others celebrate that marriage at Litha. Wherever you celebrate the sacred marriage, it is at Litha that the God and Goddess commit to something much bigger than themselves or their union.  They now commit to the future of the world that they rule.

Given all the changes that have come to not just the USA, but the entire World these past few months, it would seem that we are all entering a New Reality as the Summer begins. We do not yet know exactly what shape that New Reality will take, but we do know that things will be very different by this time next year.  The commitment of the God and Goddess has taken on a new meaning as we must all commit to whatever the future holds for the humans and the Earth.

This has been quite a year so far, but it is now half over.  Even as the Sun celebrates His highest peak in the sky, the time of the waning Sun begins.  Harvest time approaches.  What will all this Cosmic activity harvest?  What will we humans harvest?  It is time for us to make a commitment to the future just as the God and Goddess are doing today.  As the New Reality begins to take shape we must each decide what role we will play in that New Reality.  Are you ready and willing to commit to that role?  


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