Litha: The Summer Solstice of the Northern Hemisphere

Summer begins this year on Thursday, June 21st.  The Big Sun started its rise at Yule and now it reaches its zenith.  The crops have been planted, and the early ones are ready.  It is a time to pick berries!  How many blueberries can you eat?

A very old tradition that takes place at Litha is the ongoing combat between the Oak King and the Holly King.  At Yule the Oak King won and the Sun started getting bigger.  Now the tables are turned, and the Holly King takes over.  Even at its peak, the Sun is beginning to get smaller.  By Lughnasa the Small Sun will really be obvious, the days noticeably shorter.  The great magick of Litha is to take advantage of the moment to commit to whatever your dreams are, no matter how dark it gets along the way.

For now the Sun is high in the sky, the days long and hot, and here in Coastal Mississippi, humid.  Time to go to the creek and just bask in the Sun’s rays (with sunscreen, of course), and enjoy the green world surrounding you.  Jump in the water when you’re too hot, dig your toes in the sand, and maybe see what wonderful wild sweet treats the Earth has out there in the forest, just for you.

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