Mabon:  Mourn and Celebrate

Recently my world has been dominated by editing the manuscript for Llewellyn and going to Physical Therapy.  There was also a loss of great sorrow, my little feline friend, Molly.  After 10 years, she chose to move on.

Mabon is all about mourning what you sacrificed and rejoicing in your harvest.  I have, and still am, mourning for my Molly, but I also am rejoicing in what has been a great harvest this year.  I have spent the last year reclaiming who I am.  Everything that I have worked for over the past 40 years is coming to harvest. 

One of the great harvests this time of year is from the mighty oak tree.  The oak drops its seeds, the acorns, to the ground.  Those tiny acorns have the potential to become the great oak.  All they need is sun, water, fertile earth, and time.  It is one of the lessons that Nature teaches us, if you are open to learning.

A very old folklore spell is about the Acorn.  Pick up the first acorn you see in the Autumn.  Put it in your pocket, wallet, purse, wherever you keep money.  Those acorns will encourage your economic growth over the next few months.  Carry it there until the Vernal, Spring, Equinox, then plant it.  Watch and see what grows.  The picture below is of the acorns the Oak gave me this year.  They were all three together, so I grabbed them all.  Oak sent me this gift three days after we buried Molly.  Mourning and rejoicing.

This turn of the Wheel is coming to an end.  Mourn what you have sacrificed to gain this year’s harvest.  Rejoice in the harvest of your life.  And gather some acorns.

Blessed Be

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