Mabon: The Balance between Life and Death

The Autumnal Equinox is upon us, The Great Harvest, the Witch’s Thanksgiving.  This is the time when we see the results of a year’s worth of work and reap what we have sowed.  It is a time to give thanks for that Harvest, no matter how hard the work or the crop is.  It is also a moment of balance between the Sun and the Moon, Day and Night, preparing us for the dark days that are coming.  It is also a time of the balance between Life and Death.  It is at this Sabbat that we are grateful for the Death of the God because it is His death, His act of sacrifice that allows Life to continue.

I recently looked Death in the face.  It was the combination of modern Western medicine and my long term use of herbs and energy work, plus the incredible love of dear friends who took me to the emergency room that saved my life.  I am beyond grateful to all of the above.  During my hospital stay friends stepped in and took excellent care of my housemates, my cats.  I was most concerned about my 19 year old familiar, Katchina.  Those incredible people took care of her and she thrived while I was gone.  Then I came home and she was happy, for a few days.  Then she, too, looked Death in the face.  Apparently the whole “mom being unexpectedly gone” frightened her so much that she had PTSD.  After I was home for 4 days, she stopped eating.  She ate nothing for 5 days, and since I struggle keeping weight on her, it terrified me.  She has been my heart and soul since she was 5 weeks old, but I was prepared to let her go, if it was her choice.  She continued to drink water and then she stopped doing that.  I normally don’t step in if a living creature has made their decision, but I could not let her die of dehydration, so I gently forced some water on her.  She perked up, so I did it again.  She got even more active and began to send me messages that she wasn’t ready to go and needed some assistance with food.  So, again, very gently, I gave her some baby food mixed with broth.  She began to improve.  I did that for 2 days, then she began to eat on her own.  Now she is once again thriving.  I’ve been telling all those wonderful people in my life that Katchina and I are convalescing together, which is true.  We are both now almost up to full strength.

 This Mabon I have so much for which to be grateful. Both mine and Katchina’s life, obviously.  We both came so close, but it was not our time and we got sent back.  Friends and family who stepped in when they were so desperately needed can’t be thanked enough.  My great-niece and her mother who have been so supportive while I recuperated I can never repay.  I don’t know what I have done in my life to be so blessed, but I hope I keep doing it.  Beyond all that it was, however, a powerful lesson about the Balance between Life and Death.  Both Katchina and I survived because others stepped in and assisted.  It reminded me that when Autumn arrives we celebrate the Harvest, but we must do it with the knowledge that all that life-giving food is only on the table because something has died to provide Life.  Life feeds on Life.  From my spiritual perspective the God has willingly given his life so that the people may live and survive the dark days that are coming.  So, as you celebrate and give thanks, remember that this is also the Balance between Life and Death, and Death is never that far away.

            Now I must go feed Katchina.  As you can see from the picture, she is insisting.

Blessed Mabon to one and all!

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