Winter begins this year on December 21st, Monday, the Moon’s Day, the Mother’s Day.  The Moon itself will be waxing on that day. It’s been a long year since last Winter began and now a whole new cycle begins, blessed by the Holy Mother Goddess as She gives birth to the Sun/Son.  No matter which religious tradition you follow, or when/how you celebrate this fantastic event, this is a holy time of year.  The Sun/Son is a baby now, so His power is limited.  It is His Mother who is in the fullness of Her power!

Most of the pre-Christian religions hold this time of year more sacred to the Divine Feminine than the Divine Masculine.  Certainly Wicca does!  It is critically important that the Sun/Son return from His dark journey, and from this point onward He will grow in His power.  However, He could NOT return at all if not for the doorway that the Holy Mother Goddess gives Him.  It is She who is in the fullness of Her power because She does what no man can do, She gives birth to the Sun/Son.  Without Her labors the Sun/Son could not come back to us.

In times past the Holy Mother was as revered at this time of year because of the product of Her womb. Over the centuries She has had Her role minimized, mostly by the men who have been in charge of religious celebrations throughout the centuries.  As women have begun to claim more of their power as a gender perhaps it is time to put the Divine Feminine back into Yuletide celebrations at the same level as the Divine Masculine.

Again, no matter which religious tradition you follow, as you celebrate the return of the Sun/Son, keep a picture in your head, that beautiful Woman holding Her baby son next to Her breast as She nourishes Him.  We would not be celebrating anything at the Winter Solstice if not for Her.

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