Building a New Reality: Warriors, Healers, Light Workers

This post is talking about Warriors, not military personnel; Healers, not medical personnel; and Light Workers, not religious personnel.  Military personnel exist in the military world.  Warriors are in EVERY walk of life.  Medical personnel exist in the medical world.  Healers are in EVERY walk of life.  Religious personnel exist in the religious world.  Light Workers are EVERY walk of life.

Building a New Reality: Warriors, Healers, Light Workers

Lately I have been feeling a lot like Cassandra, trying to get everyone to see what I see, and failing. However, recently there have been more and more indications that others do see the same thing I see as the New Reality starts to take shape.  This quote appeared and it summed up that awakening nicely:

The World, as we know it, is coming to an end.  The World as the center of the universe, the world divided from the heavens, the world bound by horizons in which love is reserved for members of the in-group:  that is the world that is passing away.  Apocalypse does not point to a fiery Armageddon but to the fact that our ignorance and complacency are coming to an end. Joseph Campbell

That quote begs the question, where does Love enter the picture?  I have also seen a whole lot of statements that love and light can lead us out of this current situation.  I am so very tired of seeing that sort of statement coming from people who haven’t got a clue what it means.  So very many of them are simply making a statement and then hoping that someone else will save them.  They have abandoned any sense of personal responsibility.  They do not in any way accept that in order to get to the new reality, we must first win the war, and make no mistake, this is a war.  We are at war to save our planet and all the creatures on it.  We are at war to ensure that the privileges of equality and democracy, which so many have fought in the past to gain for us, do not disappear under the greed of a few who do not care about all the rest of us.  Love most assuredly plays a role in this war, but it is not the sweet, gentle love that so many think it is and espouse.  It is Fierce Love.  Fierce Love is embraced by several groups of people, and those groups have very real roles to play in winning this war.

Role of the Warriors

Everyone, accept the fact that wars are won by Warriors, so step aside and let the Warriors lead for now. It is not the role of the Warriors to create the new reality.  It is the role, the duty, of the Warriors to take down the old reality; clear the way for something else.  Let them do their job!  It isn’t and will continue to not be pretty, but it is necessary.  Warriors are not “nice” folk.  Warriors accept that death is an inevitable result of combat:  the death of other Warriors; the death of the innocent; perhaps even their own death, but only through death, real or symbolic, will the New Reality have a space to be born.

Role of the Healers

Once the war is over is when the true Healers step up to take over.  These folks are not sweet and gentle either, not traditionally. True Healers acknowledge that death has its place as a result of life.  These are the people who make triage decisions out of a place of Fierce Love.  Let them do their job!  Once the harshest of decisions is made, they will heal our wounds with hands so gentle that it will make you sob to see it.  That healing will not be about preserving the old reality, but making sure only the best and strongest emerge into the New Reality.

Role of the Love and Light Workers

Once the war is over and the healing has begun is the time for the Love and Light Workers to step up. They are the ones who will weave the New Reality, but they are not usually gentle folk either.  Working from a place of Fierce Love, they will make decisions about what works best for, not the people, but for Life itself on this planet. True Love and Light Workers recognize that humans are not the only forms of Life here on planet Earth.  Their duty is to protect all of the life here, humans being only one manifestation of that life.  Everyone else, step aside and let them do their job! 

I realize that these statements will not be acceptable to a lot of people because they are harsh statements.  I am not a Healer or a Love and Light Worker.  I have great respect for what the people in those roles do, when they are doing it from a place of Fierce Love.  Fierce Love, truly practiced in all the roles, will make sure that the emerging New Reality is one that embraces many of the principles that humans value.  First we must all accept that the old reality cannot stand anymore.  Indeed, it is already gone.  Only through assuming personal responsibility, Fierce Love, can all of us emerge from this war victorious.

For those of you who say what about the innocent, this is my response.  It is NOT my job to protect everyone.  It is my job to protect me and mine with Fierce Love.  If everyone does the same, assumes personal responsibility and ceases to depend on someone else to take care of them, then we will prevail. The Healers can bind our wounds and those who are truly Love and Light Workers can do their job and weave a new reality that embraces ALL of the creatures of the Earth and the Earth Herself.

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