We are halfway through Spring and the moment of fertilizing the New Reality is upon us – Beltaine! In times of old these were the rites that were used to actually fertilize the fields.  These were folks who lived by an agricultural cycle, so their rites started more or less at Sunset on April 30thand continued until Sunset on May 1st.  It was all about making sure that the crops, both plant and animal, would provide enough food to get the people through the next Winter.  Yes, these were unabashedly sexual rites because in all living things Life starts with some form of the act of sex.

Time has moved on and we no longer bless the fields in the same way we did in the past, but Beltaine is still the moment when we have the opportunity to fertilize a whole new reality. Yule, Imbolc, and Ostara are the Spokes on the Wheel of the Year where you dream, nurture, and plant the reality you want to see in your life.  Now at Beltaine you can add a bit of fertilizer to guarantee that your personal harvest is what you want.  How you add that fertilizer is totally up to you.  It can still be sexual.  It can be by taking something you are working on and making sure it is approaching a finishing point.  If you are writing a book, now is the time to make sure you have a first draft in the hands of editors.  If it is completing some training, then make sure you are ready to take the final tests. You get the idea.  It is not when you expect to complete something.  It is when you express your Fierce Love and Passion for the work and prove that you believe in it by completing some level of it.

The World, too, right now is on the edge of a whole New Reality.  It is the duty of the spiritual people, whatever religious path, to put into motion the tools that will create a reality that is best for ALL of the Earth’s creatures, indeed the Earth Herself.  As you shape your personal reality, take a few minutes to send your Fierce Love and Passion to the Earth so that the reality that emerges next will embrace the best of what we can be.

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