The Power of Fierce Love

The cat sleeping peacefully in the picture is my little ChiChi cat.  I have mentioned her before, but this is a new story.  She is sleeping here after an EIGHT day sojourn, eight very long days for her human.  During the first seven days I looked for her and looked for her.  I have a neurological condition that makes standing and walking an adventure, but during that seven days I took my magickal walking stick and hiked through my forest here at 4Winds at a level I have not done since I was a kid.  It was not easy, but the Power of Fierce Love gave me a steely determination to do everything I could to find my little cat who had fought so hard to live and to be with me.  During that time I talked to the Power of the Land to show me where she was.  All I ever got from the Land was, “Look up.”  I did, but only saw open sky or trees.

I had felt ChiChi very strongly at the beginning, but by the end of the seventh day her essence was pretty much gone from 4Winds.  I knew then that the last recourse I had was to use magick.  I called on blood for assistance.  I called one of my nephews, an advanced Ceremonial Mage and we talked. That talk opened some doors inside me and that night the spirits talked to me.  I remembered something about the night ChiChi disappeared.  I remembered that I had heard her running on the roof of my house.  Then Great Horned Owl spoke to me and I knew what had happened that very first night and why the Land told me to look up.  I knew why I had felt ChiChi’s essence everywhere.  She had been taken by Great Horned Owl.  I got up on that eighth day knowing what I had to do if there was any hope of getting ChiChi back.

That night using the Power of Fierce Love I conducted a Native Indian Circle.  During that Circle I called on the Power of the Land, the Ancestors, the Great Spirit, Great Horned Owl, and Blood.  I was joined by blood relatives who were 1300 miles away. The nephew I had talked to and two other family members.  The other two members have the same deep connection to this Land.  They also both are deeply connected to Brother Owl.  We worked together during that Circle.  When it was over I knew that if she could be called back, then she would be home by morning.  An hour and a half later I heard a thump on my front porch.  ChiChi was looking in at me.  She was home.

Many would not accept this as a magickal event, but I have no doubts.  I will never, ever again doubt my magick.  I know that only the sheer Power of Fierce Love between Blood and the Land convinced Brother Owl to let ChiChi come home.  As for ChiChi, her sojourn did change her a bit.  She has a wisdom in her eyes now.  The second picture here is ChiChi and my primary familiar, Katchina, taken the night ChiChi came home.  Katchina, whom I love fiercely, is closing this part of her journey. It is obvious that she is teaching ChiChi so ChiChi can take her place as the primary when the time comes.

The next night I did a gratitude ceremony giving thanks to the Land, to the Great Spirit, to the ancestors, and to Brother Owl.  There was one other to whom I sent my gratitude, my long ago shamanic teacher. He taught me how to access the Fierce Love inside myself and how to use it to power my magick.  I am forever grateful to him for those lessons.

Fierce Love –

Agitating the Cat –

ChiChi the night of her return
ChiChi the day we met
ChiChi and Katchina

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