You have chosen the seeds of your new reality and planted them.  It’s time to add some fertilizer.  It’s Beltaine!  How do you fertilize a dream?  Passion!  Now is the time to remember that about which you are passionate.  Then use that passion to get you moving toward accomplishing your goal.

            A theme I have noticed coming up a lot as we move into the energy of Beltaine is Darkness, the Darkness of the magick, and the world that is all around us all the time.  Here’s something to add to that.  Our passions do NOT come from the light places inside ourselves.  Our passions start at those dark places.  The places of pain, anger, even hate inside you can promote action in your world; can force you into taking some steps to turn the darkness into light for yourself, then for the world.  My personal example is this, I hate writing.  In fact, I loathe that blank page sitting in front of me waiting for me to find something to say that I deem worthy of passing on to others.  It is pulling teeth to get me to sit down and begin.  I am, however, passionate about learning and teaching.  Every time I write, I learn something new either about the topic or about myself, sometimes, and usually, both.  Every painful moment I spend writing is filled with the light of learning.  My passion for learning and teaching gives me the strength to face that empty page, do the research, do the deep diving into my own soul in order to open the doorway to the light.  And isn’t that the goal for which we should all be striving, not spreading darkness, but using the darkness to fuel the passion so the doorways of light begin to open all around us?

The darkness inside you can take you down, or it can become the passion to find a way out of the darkness.  If you use the darkness properly to fuel your passions and then turn your passions into the fertilizer of your dreams for the year, then the new crop that you harvest in the Autumn will be a harvest filled with light!  Celebrate Beltaine, both the dark and the light, and let your dreams get all the passionate fertilizing that they need.

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