Summer has arrived and all those passions of the Spring have led to new realities all over the place.  Your goals for the year are beginning to take shape and you can see what will soon be your new reality.  Are you committed to that new reality? 

The theme of darkness comes up again.  What secrets did you find within yourself during the cold Winter months?  Why did you choose those seeds to plant?  What were you so passionate about that you could use that passion to fertilize your projected crop?  The darkness is fleeing under the bright rays of the Summer Sun, so are you happy with what is growing in your world?  Now is the time to fully commit to the changes you want to make in your life because you can’t hide anything from that Summer Sun.  If you are not fully committed, then the Sun will shine on your lack of commitment, and everyone will know that you were just kidding, and weren’t really ready to make any changes.  As someone who is making a lot of noises about giving up smoking, believe me, I feel the Sun’s rays burning hot right now.

If you are not deeply committed to what is taking shape, then your Harvest will fall short.  So, if you need to make changes, do it now because you are running out of time to start a whole new reality. 

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