It is August and time to celebrate the First Harvest.  Depending on where you are, geographically speaking, there has already been a lot of Harvest going on.  One of the early crops to come in is berries.  Hopefully you’ve enjoyed a LOT of berries.  Now it’s time for the other riches of the Earth to start gracing the table, and the freezer, and the cupboard.

            I have written a lot through the years about the various Sabbats, the eight spokes on the Wheel.  Usually I focus on the agricultural and historical aspect of each Sabbat.  However, given my personal tie to Lughnasa as a yearly turning point in my life, I noticed that is when I change the nature of my focus for the next year’s writings.  And I am going to do just that right now.  This particular Lughnasa is filled with a lot of powerful Magick.  Mercury in its retrograde course set the pace.  The planet closest to the Sun goes direct on the 31st at 10:58 pm in Cancer.  That happens to be a Wednesday, which is Mercury’s sacred day of the week.  Then there’s the Moon playing its role in the Power of this Sabbat.  The New Moon also occurs on the 31st at 10:58 pm.  Those times are when it occurs here in my time zone.  Take a glance at the actual timing where you are.  That New Moon will be in Leo, which is a complement to the Sun, which is also in Leo right now.  As if that wasn’t enough power in the Cosmos, this is also the 2nd New Moon in the month of July.  Most of you are familiar with the term Blue Moon, which is the 2nd FULL Moon in a month.  Well, the 2nd NEW Moon in a month is called a Black Moon, and here it is opening the door for Lughnasa!  A lot of power stacking up for the celebration of the First Harvest.  Lughnasa celebrations start on Thursday night, the 1st, and go until the Sun sets on the 2nd.

            Lughnasa, as all the Sabbats, is a moment to celebrate the Solar Cycle.  Normally one doesn’t include the Moon too much into that cycle.  The Moon has its own series of celebrations, the monthly Esbats.  However, given that the door to open this Lughnasa is being set by a Black New Moon, and Mercury going direct, maybe it’s time to weave all the pieces together and use the Power of the Sun, the Moon, and Mercury to open the doors of the First Harvest in your own life.  Harvest those first crops in your life, be aware of the beginning of something new, and talk to those you think of as family.  In fact, celebrate with them if you can.  And make a note on your calendar, the best is yet to reveal itself.  Jupiter goes direct on August 11th Sagittarius!

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