Beltaine: Male Witches A Year with the The Divine Masculine

The Sun is shining longer everyday. This is the time of Big Sun. The God is reaching for the fullness of His power as we approach the Summer Solstice in June. Beltaine is the midway point in Spring and it’s a lusty time of year. So much is written about the Goddess as She blesses the land with life, but what’s the God up to during this time? That Sun that is providing the life energy, that’s Him.

It is so easy to lose ourselves in role that women have played in the preservation of folk magicks throughout the centuries. We often forget, or just plain ignore, the role that the men have played in that preservation. I consider it a great blessing in my life that I have known quite a few Male Witches. They don’t always call themselves Witches, but they practice great magicks and dance the Wheel of the Year with we ladies. The ones who do use the word Witch are often very insulted by the presentation of nothing but female Witches. And they REALLY hate being called warlocks. A male Witch is not a warlock. A masculine Witch is just that, a Witch. That testosterone filled energy is a representative of the Divine Masculine and should be honored as such.

Look around your world and see who in your life represents the God, the Divine Masculine. Love and respect the Magick those guys bring into your magick. While you dance the dance of life this Beltaine, don’t forget to grab a partner, a male Witch with whom to dance. Their magick is just as powerful and just as necessary.

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