Mabon: the Dark God

            The weirdest Summer of my life has come to an end. The Autumnal Equinox has come and gone and now it is October.  I spent the Summer recuperating from a broken hip and foot surgery.  Being immobile gave me lots of time to go into the deep recesses of my soul.  I came to grips with many of my issues with the Divine Masculine.  Litha came and went and I acknowledged from the hospital bed that the God was the height of His power.  By Lughnasa I was home and healed a great deal.  I watched as a male member of our family made a great sacrifice to save our family heritage.  During all the months of healing I was surrounded by little boys just beginning to feel the power of the Masculine and men at the peak of their power as leaders of their tribe.

            I spent a lot of time feeling sorry for myself, but as Mabon approached I remembered that this is the time of year when the Divine Masculine, the God, having made the great sacrifice at Lughnasa is now leaving to journey through the Shadowlands to learn new things to bring back to us at Yule.  He has the great power to take our woes with Him.  So I gave Him my woes and He took them.  My slate is not clean, but sine the God took the emotional pain away I have been able to work through what is left of my health issues, and my issues with the opposite gender.

            We are approaching the mid-point of Autumn, Samhain. The Goddess is in full power and it is easy to forget about the God since His essence is so ethereal at this time of year.  He is still here, though, wandering the Shadowlands as the Dark Lord.  This is the time when you can ask Him for the strength to say no to what you need to give up.  He took your woes at Mabon, now you can face them with His assistance. And listen carefully to the wind as it blows the leaves out of the trees.  You can hear the words of the Dark Lord as He tells your fears, “No. And no further.  And that be enough.”  

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