Imbolc takes place Monday/Tuesday, February 1st– 2nd. There are many traditions surrounding this Sabbat, but at its heart this Sabbat is all about the mid-point of Winter and the promise Spring.  Those trapped indoors are getting really restless and the need for fresh food is becoming critical.  The Earth is waking up and because of that much is written about the Divine Feminine this time of year.  However, another celestial body is also growing in its power, the Sun.  The Divine Masculine deserves some attention right now because He, too, is growing in power.  In fact, it is His power that is energizing the Earth.

            These days it is all too easy to ignore the value that the Divine Masculine brings to the table, but don’t forget that just a few weeks ago the Divine Feminine birthed Her Son.  Both She and He know that His destiny is too grow, rule, and then give His life for the continuance of life here on Earth.  That’s a long way off, however.  Right now He is still young and getting ready to leave hearth and home to search for new adventures that He will bring back to the people.

            In many traditions this is the time of year when young boys are taken out for their first hunt.  It is the first step toward manhood, proving that they can provide for their people. In our modern world this may be the time when the menfolk are looking for new jobs, new ways to provide for their families.  I have a personal example of just that.  A male friend is coming to the completion of a job at which he is very good.  He longs for new adventures however, and just last week he got the new job he wanted.  On the eve of Imbolc he is heading out to take on a whole new reality in how he provides for his tribe.

            The element of Fire is a dominant feature of Imbolc, a very masculine element. We light candles and stoke up the fireplace.  Why? So those boys who have become men can find their way home.  If you are female, then you can use this energy to grow the positive aspects of the Divine Masculine inside yourself.  Whether you are celebrating the Divine Masculine in the boys and men around you, or you are looking internally at the Divine Masculine inside yourself, light the candles; get the house nice and warm; and make sure the Divine Masculine finds His way back home to inspire your life with new stories about His adventures.

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  1. Wonderful reflection Linda! Divine Masculine vitally important…. an endless dance between Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine… taking turns and dancing on the Wheel of the Year.

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