The Witch’s Thanksgiving is here!  The Earth in its revolution around the Sun has hit a point of balance and Summer is over.  Autumn has begun.  Now is the time to take stock of all the work you have done over the past Solar Year.  What did you plan?  What did you plant?  How did you care for it? What sacrifice were you willing to make to ensure your Harvest?  Ask yourself those questions as you view the Harvest taking place in your life.  Is this the Harvest for which you worked so hard?

As you review your harvest you can start being grateful for all the things that have manifested in your life.  That is not always easy because some of those things were not happy things, some were struggles and hard fought battles.  You might have even lost some things that you did not think were even at stake.  It is time to start understanding the difference between Happiness and Joy.  We experience Happiness in a moment over things or events that give us some moments of pleasure.  Joy, that is something different and it goes much deeper.  Losing someone or something that is dear to you is not a happy event.  Instead it is a cause for mourning.  However, in the midst of the mourning you can experience Joy, the Joy of having had that person or that thing in your life at all.

Mabon is the moment when we celebrate and give thanks for the richness of our lives.  It is also the moment when we must mourn for what had to be removed in order for the Harvest to take place.  That is where the Joy resides, that place of balance and understanding that the Harvest can only take place if the fields are cut down.

Be Joyous and on Mabon practice an Attitude of Gratitude, and celebrate all that the Autumnal Equinox represents in the Balance between Life and Death.

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