Author name: Morgaine Irish


Yule came and a new dream was born. Winter took hold; dark, quiet, cold. During that time the new dream got nurtured. Now it is February, halfway through Winter, and it is time to let that dream go into the Cosmos to seek its destiny. The Goddess and God are returning to the aspect of …

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This Wednesday, the 20th, is the longest night of the year. Winter begins on the 21st. I have noticed a recurring theme in many writings recently, a need for quiet. Winter is all about quiet. We are thrown in such a maelstrom of activity this time of year when what we most need is some …

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It is the Autumnal Equinox, Mabon, the Great Harvest. Today is a moment of balance between Light and Dark, between Life and Death, between the Past and the Future. It is time to both celebrate and to mourn. The Wheel of the Year is based on the agricultural cycle of the Northern Hemisphere. At this …

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Mercury Retrograde

Mercury went retrograde on the 12th, Saturday night. I can’t tell you anything new about retrograde planetary activity, especially that little rascal Mercury. Don’t sign contracts, don’t buy ANYTHING involving communication or transportation. Expect the unexpected in travel and conversation. You know the whole list. What I can do is add that a retrograde of …

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