Samhain – Powerful and Dangerous Times Ahead

            Samhain is almost here and this year it is falling on a Saturday and the Moon will be full, the second Full Moon of the month, a Blue Moon.  An especially powerful Samhain indeed.  The veil between realities is extremely thin already. As if that is not enough, three days afterwards is a critical election here in the […]

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The Witch’s Cauldron

and the First Harvest Summer is currently in complete control.  I’ve always thought of July as the Weed, Water, and Wait month.  I’ve been weeding, watering, and waiting, and the Harvest is coming to fruition.  We are fast approaching the celebration of the First Harvest, Lughnasa.  In truth, harvesting has already begun.  As I write this I have herbal tinctures

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The Bill of Rights

People often assume that I am a liberal Democrat. I am not.  Nor am I a conservative Republican.  What I am is a Constitutionalist.  Whenever I say that I get a lot of responses of, “So am I.”  I always ask, “Have you ever read the whole thing?”  Most Americans have NOT.  I have. I have read it, analyzed it, written papers about

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Flag Day

            Today is Flag Day!  Today I will place a commemorative flag on my father’s grave.  I don’t place that flag on Memorial Day because he was a veteran, but did not die in combat.  Flag Day was an idea that was started by teachers.  The country already honored Independence Day, but in 1885. BJ Cigrand, a schoolteacher Wisconsin, arranged for

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