Yule: the new born Son/Sun

Epiphany was yesterday, the official end of the Yuletide Season.  All King’s Day when the Wise Men appeared to recognize Jesus as the son of Yahweh, at least in the Christian world.  The pre-Christian world of the Northern Hemisphere also saw this as the return of the Sun, the God, because from here until the Summer Solstice the Sun would bless the land with its life-giving energy.

Many cultures used evergreen as a symbol of continuing life at their Winter Solstice celebrations because it represented life out of death.

The God has returned to us from the Shadowlands.  Still an infant, but filled with secrets about the new reality.  He is not yet ready to divulge those secrets.  Now is the time for the Goddess, His mother, to nurture Him, and those secrets.  January is all about nurturing the future as we prepare for this turn of the Wheel.

The end of the Yuletide Season marks the beginning of the Mardi Gras Season.  Much as we celebrate the birth of a new child, now we can celebrate the beginning of a new reality.   At Imbolc, February 2nd, the secrets start to reveal themselves even though the year is still young and the reality only beginning to take shape.

We do not yet know what secrets the Divine Masculine has brought back to us from Hos dark journey, or what He has whispered to His Divine Mother.  The only thing we can do now is place our Faith in the knowledge that He has returned to us and with Him are all of our wishes for the new reality that has begun.  Beyond that, He has also brought back the secrets of how to achieve those dreams.  His Mother is listening, are you?

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