Flag Day

            Today is Flag Day!  Today I will place a commemorative flag on my father’s grave.  I don’t place that flag on Memorial Day because he was a veteran, but did not die in combat.  Flag Day was an idea that was started by teachers.  The country already honored Independence Day, but in 1885. BJ Cigrand, a schoolteacher Wisconsin, arranged for

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Building a New Reality: Warriors, Healers, Light Workers

This post is talking about Warriors, not military personnel; Healers, not medical personnel; and Light Workers, not religious personnel.  Military personnel exist in the military world.  Warriors are in EVERY walk of life.  Medical personnel exist in the medical world.  Healers are in EVERY walk of life.  Religious personnel exist in the religious world.  Light Workers are EVERY walk of life.

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Fierce Love

All my life I’ve been called a Warrior, and I am a Warrior.  It’s got its upside and its downside.  In these days of chaos I have heard and read so much about spread the Love, spread the Light.  It is okay to give in to your sadness and basically do nothing.  That simply isn’t possible for me.  I don’t

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