Wheel of the Year


            Imbolc takes place Monday/Tuesday, February 1st– 2nd. There are many traditions surrounding this Sabbat, but at its heart this Sabbat is all about the mid-point of Winter and the promise Spring.  Those trapped indoors are getting really restless and the need for fresh food is becoming critical.  The Earth is waking up and because of that much is …

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Winter begins this year on December 21st, Monday, the Moon’s Day, the Mother’s Day.  The Moon itself will be waxing on that day. It’s been a long year since last Winter began and now a whole new cycle begins, blessed by the Holy Mother Goddess as She gives birth to the Sun/Son.  No matter which religious tradition you …

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Samhain – Powerful and Dangerous Times Ahead

            Samhain is almost here and this year it is falling on a Saturday and the Moon will be full, the second Full Moon of the month, a Blue Moon.  An especially powerful Samhain indeed.  The veil between realities is extremely thin already. As if that is not enough, three days afterwards is a critical election here in the …

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